Craft is a language I use to express the way I see the world. I have a deep connection with hand-crafted objects because of that reason, They speak a universal language everybody understands. I am interested in the universal essence of objects, the elements that remain the same across the world. We all have a skeleton and a skin, and every single element has been refined, generation after generation. My art is a celebration of that essence, of that evolution. I use craft to blurry the boundary between objects and us. 

   I choose to work with found-object that speaks to me. Most of them are handcrafted and I tend to focus on their personality. I use life-casts of people that resembles the object to animate that personality. I combine the model's body part with the object through various traditional techniques such as upholstery, garment making, and woodworking. The result is often an anthropomorphic hybrid unnervingly familiar to us. 

   While working on these objects, the idea of clothing came to mind, clothing as an object, and as a wearable. This element added another layer to the bodily world I am creating. These wearables became a tool to play and to experiment what it feels and looks like to wear someone else's skin.