OSMOSIS performance

Performers: Candela Murillo, Rebecca Lillich Krüger, Oliver Wagstaff, Edward Lloyd, Anna Riley-Shepard, Sara Europaeus. Composer: Andreas Tegnander

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Human life is an ovarian lottery. We arrive with an unknown hand, without instruction or apparent purpose, and we exist without knowing why we have been granted this opportunity. We are source energy: atoms temporarily manifesting and dispersing. Pure potentiality masked in a human "costume.".

Osmosis illustrates the miracle of being through a combination of disciplines: life-casting, sculpture, costume design, installation, sound, contemporary dance, and performance art. It chronologically expresses the incarnations of six individuals through a series of gestures: From the embryonic life-stages to the decay of the human vessel.

The human body has been my primary subject in recent years, and all my probing has brought me to the curious realization that we know nothing: the eternal, fascinating mystery of the human experience is simultaneously daunting and empowering.

We have taken for granted the idea that we are divine energy temporarily manifested as a composition of perfectly crafted processes over unimaginable aeons. A foundation of calcium from supernova remains, parallel to a stream of liquid iron and oxygen, covered by a delicate light feeding membrane we call “skin” connected to a system of sensorial roots wired by an organ with consciousness. The parameters of “being” we call the body. However, this engine appears to be only the vehicle for this mysterious energy to develop personality, memory, and intuition. The vehicle for the unnamable to experience duality from a human perspective.