To become one with home; the space in between the skin and everyday objects.

The adaptation of object to enhance the human body's  ability to exist without discomfort, simultaneously the evolution of the human's anatomy in parallel or in result of the object's abilities to facilitate the human body. 



The piece on the left its a life-cast of my body impregnated with the dress that became the outfit I wore the most, especially during the first month of self-isolation when I barely left my house. I wore it every day. I had tan skin where the dress ends, and pale skin where it begins physically and spiritually attuned with one another.


For a while I have studied a change of behaviors depending on the outfit you wear. This dress made me feel intimate with my body and with whoever would see me wearing it, a self-induced vulnerability of challenging the boundaries of my own privacy. 

Vestido, Silk dress, Silicone, wooden hanger. March 2020


Untitled, Cotton bram silicone, chest hair, wooden hanger. March 2020